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Here are some of the CDs I've collected in the last few years. (I've put a * next to my favorites for dancing!)

Bashir Abdel'Aal, Bellydance from Egypt: "Gamil Gamal", Arc Music
Bellydance Superstars
*Dalia Carella, Shuvani: Rom Music from Turkey, Egypt, Morocco & Andalucia, Dalia
Domba, Evocation, Domba
*Gypsy Caravan, Migration, Gypsy Caravan
Uncle Mafufo, 25 Essential Rhythms, Sirocco Music
*Uncle Mafufo, Mafufo's Drumsongs for Dancers, Sirocco Music
*Susu Pampanin, Suhaila Salimpour Presents Susu: Fate, Suhaila Salimpour
*Putumayo World Music, Cairo to Casablanca, Putumayo
*Putumayo World Music, Arabic Groove, Putumayo
*Hossam Ramzy, Baladi Plus, Arc Music
Hossam Ramzy, Best of Abdul Halim Hafiz, Arc Music
Hossam Ramzy, Best of Hossam Ramzy, Arc Music
Hossam Ramzy, Modern Egyptian Belly Dance, Arc Music
*Hossam Ramzy, Secrets of the Eye, Arc Music
Hossam Ramzy, Source of Fire, Arc Music
Hossam Ramzy, Zeina: Best of Mohammed Abdul Wahab, Arc Music
Moroccan Spirit
Tahya, Meditations, Tahya
Turku, Nomads of the Silk Road, Turku
*Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Brian Keane, Firedance, Celestial Harmonies
Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Brian Keane, Suleyman the Magnificent

Note that some of these CDs are available through commercial websites (e.g.,, as well as through sites specializing in Middle Eastern Dance items. For a long list of vendors, click here.

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